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History of the Catalogne..

The first migrants to come from Europe were the French, who settled along the St Lawrence and in parts of the Atlantic region in the early 17th century. At that time France was famous for tapestry weaving, but the settlers brought with them the simple country skills, home spinning of yarn and weaving of cloth for utilitarian clothing and bed coverings. At first, few textiles were produced but, as time went on, home production of textiles became important; girls were taught to spin, and farmhouses contained looms on which household goods and some material for barter were produced. The loom used in New France was very simple; the cloth woven, very plain. For bed coverings, 2 simple hand-patterning techniques were used: à la planche, in which a narrow board was used to open a pattern shed for a coloured weft to form simple block designs; and boutonné, in which multicoloured wefts were pulled up in loops to make motifs (eg, stars, pine trees). There was also a considerable production of heavy lengths of material with a weft of old cloth/sheets torn into strips.

Not only are they gorgeous and well made to last for years to come, they are also very functional. In the winter, they keep you warm weighing each between 6-10 lbs.

Made of cotton, they also keep you cool in the summer.  Simply put over a sheet, the weight will keep you cosy while staying cool. Machine washable and dried they are great to take with you camping, to the beach or simply cozy up on the sofa on a lazy Sunday.  

The baby blankets make perfect beach blankets as well or take with you to a friend's place where you can drop on the ground for a play area. When putting at the bottom of the crib, they will also keep the baby comfortable in the summer or winter!


Fun Facts

Our aunts in Northern Quebec, in the town of Normandin located just North of Lac St-Jean still produce these, along with tea towels and other great products weaved on looms. They all get together as a social gathering and spend their days at the bottom of churches, working together to produce these beautiful blankets. This art has been passed down from generation to generation but unfortunately it’s become a thing of the past as it’s very labour intensive and requires years of practice & experience. Our aunts are now into their 70’s and are quite excited that the younger generation appreciate their efforts. We love being part of the design process and choosing colours.  Always thinking of new products as well.  They ship their products and we sell them out here on the West Coast and we do ship Canada wide. These blankets are such integral parts of our childhoods and we wish to share them with everyone.  

They are all unique and handmade!


Cousins, it's us!

Cousins working together!  We love the idea of taking something we grew up with and sharing with everyone!  We take this beautiful products and sell them out here on the West Coast.  Love being part of the design process and taking something that has been part of our culture for decades and putting our touches to the end products.

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Whonnock Handmade Market

Nov 3rd, 2019 10-3pm

27471 112 Ave, Maple Ridge

Chilliwack Christmas Craft Market 

November, 2019

Friday 15th, 12-8pm

Saturday 16th, 10-6pm &

Sunday 17th,  10-4pm 

Chilliwack Heritage Park

Make it Vancouver

December, 2019

Wednesday 11th, 5-9pm

Thursday 12th, 11-9pm

Friday 13th, 11-9pm

Saturday 14th, 10-6pm

Sunday 15th, 11-5pm

PNE, Vancouver

Petite Racine

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